A table is a central piece of the interior in almost every room of the house. Our small SideTable offers functionality for private more intimate times, whether reading in an armchair or enjoying a cup of coffee while conversing with friends. The SideTable provides ease of interaction and comfort and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. Our well-designed and well-built table is a treasure that lasts more than a lifetime.


Smooth matt surface texture on the fibre concrete table tops fits with the look and feel of the hardwood detail and under frame. The hairpin legs are made with high strength steel and give the table a feeling of lightness that contrasts with the sheer presence of the table top.


Approximate measurements: 420mm H x 395mm W x 395mm D

Materials: concrete, hardwood, steel


All our products are handmade and use materials sourced locally where possible.

All products are made to order and have a 30 day lead time.

SideTable - Combination

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