When cultures combine some truly unique things happen. The Japanese art of kokedama and Scandinavian love of modernity have been combined in our range of kokedama stands to produce unique objects that help bring nature into the home. With clean geometric lines and all the benefits of natural wood, our stands perfectly match the Scandinavian home.


The stands are handmade with the highest quality local materials and treated to be water resistant to ensure they stay looking as good as the kokedamas.

Dimensions are 360mm x 580mm x 150mm.


Our range of kokedama stands have been produced in partnership with @ula.eesti, the biophiliac design studio in Tallinn. To buy a kokedama to go in your new stand look in ula.eesti shop here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ula.eesti/shop

Closed boxstand for three kokedamas